Why would I want a day-of coordinator?

Think about whether you really want to worry about all of the details on the day of your event. Without us, who is making sure the vendors arrive and set up properly? Who is setting up favors, escort cards and personal items? Who is directing the event and making sure everything actually runs smoothly, on schedule and as planned? If you do not want to do these on your own or rely on your mother or best friend when all of you should really be participants and guests, you need us.


How do I know if I want a full-service event planner or a day-of coordinator?

This may depend on your own time availability for planning and/or your budget. Certainly a day-of coordinator is significantly less expensive than a full-service planner. You also need to decide if you have the time to do all of the planning on your own and the confidence to do the planning without the help of a full-service planner. Did you know that the average wedding can be 250-300 planning hours? Whether you choose to plan the entire event on your own, just parts or even most of it, all experts agree that you must have a day-of coordinator there for your event.


Is there anything your services do not include?

Our services do not include the construction and assembly of centerpieces, the delivery and pick up of personal items and decorating your venue(s). If there is anything else you are wondering about, feel free to ask and we will let you know.


When should I contract your services?

We can be contracted at any time. You may secure our services as soon as you confirm your event date or wait until you get closer to the date. The sooner you contact us however, the better chance you have of making sure we are available.


Could my package be more than $1500?

That depends on your needs. If you have everything in place to be able to contract the basic package then no. However, we do provide an array of enhanced services (the list can be seen on the services pages of our website) if there are some items that are still needing to be done. We are happy to discuss these details with you.


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